The Lucio is easily mounted on a wall, attached simply with two 6 mm screws, over any wall socket.

The light source is concealed behind a plastic backing suspended 25mm from the wall, ensuring an even distribution of light and an entrancing side view—as if the light is hovering over the wall.
Energy consumption: 40 watts – Lifetime: Easily replaceable LEDs shine for more than 30,000 hours.
At 108 x 121 cm, the Lucio fits perfectly on a wall two meters wide.
3D models available in .fbx, .obj and BIM (Revit).

Lucio is powered by a number of small, white LEDs on the rear side, concealed behind a white plastic backing.


Width: 108 cm, height: 121 cm, thickness: 16 mm, distance from wall: 25 mm


Lucio Wall Lamp is easy to mount on the wall. All it takes is two 6 mm screws.


The LED lights consume as little as 40 watts and span a lifetime of over 30,000 hours. Plug into a wall outlet.


Turn your nighttime living environment into a safer, more convenient place.

Lucio offers a great way to illuminate thoroughfares such as corridors, staircases and passageways without disturbing anyone in the nearby rooms.
This means that you can still safely walk around your home at night without worrying about tripping over anything in the dark or disturbing anyone from their slumber by turning on the lights.
The children always appreciate a soft warming glow of light when going to the bathroom at night.
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